Easy Way to Grow Edamame in the Backyard Garden

Easy Way to Grow Edamame in the Backyard Garden

Soybeans are one of the most important grains in the world. In the country, edamame is eaten as a vegetable and used in many traditional recipes. Small footprint, no need to care for it, in your vegetable field, you can grow fresh and healthy.

Very high yield edamame, in my maiden called it “magic bean”. Eat every bean in the dish clean every time in florida, edamame is one of the few that can.

Edamame Beans

One of the vegetables that can still grow very well, you can sow directly in the field. But in humid and tight soil, edamame is easily rotten.

You can raise edamame seedlings in nursery pots. Keep the cultivation soil slightly or medium humidity. Edamame sprouts within a week, the germination rate is nearly 100%.

Edamame grows very fast after two weeks, three leaves grow. It is best to transplant as soon as possible. Edamame seedlings have been in the nursery pot for a long time.

Will inhibit its growth, edamame leaves are yellow. Even if the yellow bean seedlings are transplanted into the ground.

It doesn’t grow well either as always a lot of organic fertilizer is added to the field, The soil turned deep, the fat buried deep. Spread some 10-10-10 inorganic fertilizer.

Mix well with topsoil, edamame prefers a hot climate. The most suitable temperature is 70 ~ 85 f.

If the temperature is below 50 f. Edamame seeds do not germinate, depending on the variety, the entire growth cycle of edamame can be from 60 to 100 days.

Grow Edamame

Early maturing varieties are more suitable for planting in your own backyard. When the bean seedlings are transplanted, one hole per half foot. Can be single line or double line. After transplanting, the rooting water should be poured.

Edamame likes loose and moist soil. And not resistant to waterlogging. Once the soybean seedlings take root in the ground, they grow very fast. Within 2 to 3 weeks, the edamame begins to bloom. The color of the flower is white, yellow or purple.

Different varieties may have different colors. In the next three weeks, the bean is blooming on one side. Grow fast on one side. Hidden in the leaves, you can see. Some pods began to grow. The temperature of 70 ~ 85 f is suitable for edamame pods.

The temperature is below 60 f. soybeans flowers and poor pod formation. At the end of flowering. The densely packed pods are close together around the pole. Edamame also stops flowering and grows new leaves.

Centralize the supply of nutrients to make the beans full. The root of soybeans contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Can produce nitrogen fertilizer for its own growth. Therefore, inorganic fertilizer for top dressing.

Should be mainly rich in potassium and phosphorus. At the end of the flowering period. I will use 10-10-10 inorganic fertilizer. Promote edamame to grow fuller. Spread some inorganic fertilizer around the root of soybeans.

Mix gently with topsoil. In the next 4 ~ 5 weeks. Beans pods will grow thicker. In the end it was bulging. You can start harvesting. You can cook the whole pods. You can also peel the shell and cook the tender beans.

Edamame is one of the delicacy in the summer vegetable garden. I believe you will like it. If you want to collect bean seeds. Leave the edamame in the ground until the plant is dry. The pods turned brown.

New beans have a high germination rate. The germination rate of old beans over a year has dropped significantly. So i harvest some seeds by myself every year to plant them. Welcome to watch this content.

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