15 Creative Business Ideas You Can Do at Home

15 Creative Business Ideas You Can Do at Home

An increasingly sophisticated era requires everyone to be more creative in dealing with all fields. The same is true for everyone who engages in business required to have more creative business ideas in order to be able to attract customers and investors.

Creating your own creative business is not a difficult thing. Because the true market for creating something unique and creative is already there. It’s just that there are always obstacles in themselves or external obstacles that never materialize to develop it in addition, often lack of capital is also a major obstacle so that the effort was never carried out.

However, if studied carefully in indonesia, many business people have succeeded making creative endeavors that are so successful to achieve. Then, what creative endeavors are most in demand in indonesia?

Creative Business Ideas

Let’s discuss these 15 creative business ideas.


Do you like making potholder, decorative arts, or other craft items? Why not try to sell it? There is a market for crafts, because etsy’s popularity has been proven. This business idea is perfect for you to do for the present, because given the minimal capital.

The trick to being successful in selling crafts is by having an affordable source of supplies time to make your things without running out of energy and how to set prices for sale.

Once you have a craft supply selling it is only a matter of finding where the market for these crafts can be found. Is it by attending a craft exhibition?.Or can you send it to your local store? Or you can sell it through etsy or create your own online store.

Jewelry Business

Beads jewelry has become very popular even though it’s not the only type of jewelry you can sell. Many people like to buy handmade jewelry because of the unique design and unique parts.

Like all other businesses finding your market and pricing your jewelry appropriately is very important. You have many choices for finding your market including home shows, craft shows, through retail stores and online on sites like etsy or through your own e-commerce website.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great gift for almost everyone. They don’t even need to be in the basket. Backpacks full of school supplies and edible food ideal for new students. Diaper bags containing baby items are a welcome gift for new parents the gift basket that you make is only limited by your creativity.

Most gift baskets can be sold online although you may have to check the law regarding the delivery of alcohol or food eg wine and cheese basket. Other options for selling your gift basket include craft and trade exhibitions shipping in local stores, cataloging for local businesses, and by word of mouth.

Rattan-based Creative

In indonesia, businesses with rattan-based products are still in high demand. The article is that elastic rattan is very possible to make various kinds of objects for sale. For example, rattan objects that are popular are rattan bags, rattan baskets lamp holder, and so on.

The creative rattan-based business people have never made it wrong. They modify it in such a way that it forms decent works for sale.

The business is also likely to be glimpsed by foreigners because it does characterize something typical of indonesia. Therefore, to sell it can be done online through the social media that you have.

Home Decoration

Especially with the popularity of hgtv and other home-related events, people want to improve their homes. The problem is, many do not have an understanding of color and texture or eyes to decorate their home.

Like decorative paintings. You are limited to how far you can travel in providing home decor or interior design. However, if you network with builders, sales agents, and home remodeling business, you can get references.

Another option is to add home staging to your service menu. As a home announcer, you help home sellers clean up, organize, and decorate their homes so they are attractive to buyers.


If you have the desire to take good pictures, the photography business can be an ideal home business choice. There are several ways to make money from photography.

One of them is offering portrait services to people or pets. Another option is to take pictures at events, such as weddings. Finally, if you like photographing various things, you can sell your photos online.

Web and Graphic Design

Although the technical field, creating websites and graphics requires knowledge of artistic elements like colors, textures, and fonts. More and more freelancers and businesses will be online to promote themselves but many don’t have time or knowledge to build a website or create a logo and the images needed, instead, they employ a designer.

Because this type of art is internet-based, you can find clients from all over the world. Many freelance companies and sites have jobs and projects available to implement now. Once you have a portfolio, you can decide to narrow your niche like just working for a non-profit organization or creating a wordpress site.


There are many ways to make money from writing at home, like writing freelance articles, ghostwriting writing, or copywriting. But the option that gives the most freedom for artistic expression is fiction writing.

At one time, to sell your book, you need agents and publishers but today, independent publishing is easier and more affordable than before, making it easier to publish your book. Are you self-publishing or traditionally, marketing is very important for your success.

It started with building a writer platform and developing a book marketing plan. Another way to have control over your writing is through blogging, where you can choose whatever topic you want.

Selling Ready to Cook Vegetables

In indonesia, the creative business of selling ready-to-cook vegetables has begun to be sought after by career women. Because the business makes it easy for someone to cook without having to make complicated ingredients or miss buying vegetables.

The business model is so simple. Various types of vegetables have been neatly packed with natural ingredients that have been processed. Every customer who buys it is left to process the material into vegetables that can be cooked within 15 minutes.

Uniquely, customers don’t need to cut back the vegetables because it’s ready to cook. Well, with that you need it. You can modify it in terms of time or ingredients used. For example, processing vegetables can be done for 10 minutes or the ingredients used can be added with other ingredients that are even more delicious.

Baby Equipment Rental

Who would have thought this baby equipment rental service was rife and was in great demand. Customers who have new babies are greatly helped by these rental services. Because the baby equipment is temporary and can only be used in a matter of months.

So, many people choose to rent it instead of buying it. Baby equipment that can be used like a baby box baby dining chairs, breast milk freezers, breast pumps, toys, and so on. The time for renting baby equipment also varies, the average starts from one month to six months.

Everything depends on customer needs and also contract from the parties. Creative business of baby equipment rental services is quite promising. To do the promotion can be through social media. Or other promotional media that are online.

Salon business for muslim women

The business of setting up a salon for muslim women in indonesia is still very rare. Even though the market segmentation to open this business is so big. This creative endeavor is not just a mere profit.

But it can empower women in indonesia who do not have jobs. In addition, opening this business can be a place to broadcast islamic religion especially about muslims. One of the motivations for this muslim salon is because most of them want to be in a private space that is only done by fellow muslim women. Because it must be considered is about the boundaries that are in accordance with his teachings.

Brooch for Hijab

In indonesia there are many muslim women who wear hijab. Some of them also formed a community called hijabers. Usually the hijabers use clothes or accessories that are interesting and unique. This one creative business also doesn’t need a lot of capital, because it only requires pretty good art or creativity.

One of the things that makes them different is the appearance of the brooch or pin they wear. Because of that opportunity. You can open a creative business to make a brooch or even for a hijab.

Brooches or pins that are preferred are usually in the form of flowers or caricatures that are unique and funny therefore you also need to research about making a brooch or pin that will be made. To make it, special creativity and skills are needed.

Given that it is not easy to make a brooch or pin that fits the market. However, don’t worry about the capital that will be issued because using recycled materials will be easy to make and minimize the capital used.

3D Print Business

The next creative effort that is quite attractive in indonesia is a 3-dimensional print business. These 3-dimensional print results can be printed for souvenirs, t-shirts, and so on.

This business is quite unique and promising anyone can do so as long as they have a special printer to make 3-dimensional print results. Interested people from the results of this business are usually from children, adolescents, and also adults.

3D Pudding Business

Another creative effort that is quite popular in indonesia is 3-dimensional pudding. In general, the pudding business is widely known by the general public is an ordinary dessert made from gelatin mixed with milk.

Now, the pudding has other variations where there are other variations that make someone interested in buying and tasting it. A new variation is the pudding is to use 3d decorations with a variety of shapes. The most widely used 3-dimensional decoration for this pudding usually in the form of flowers, leaves and batik.

Food Truck Business

The food truck is an effort to sell food using a modified truck. In addition to selling food that is the main attraction of the customer is the truck uniquely decorated using attractive colors and images. Usually sold in the food truck’s creative business includes ready-to-eat food and concoction drinks which is indeed in great demand by the people of indonesia.

The existence of fodd truck itself still exists in big cities in indonesia they will sell in crowded places like apartments, mall, housing complex, and city square and so on. To open this business, it requires a large amount of capital considering that the truck must be modified in such a way that it resembles a restaurant in general.

However, the expenditure incurred will be proportional to income because it is made with interesting and creative concepts. This opportunity to open a creative business in indonesia is great. Apart from the 16 examples above there are still many other creative endeavors that you can wrestle with starting from culinary, fashion, accessories, and others. You can also use basic recycled materials to create creative endeavors. By utilizing existing simple materials. You also don’t need to need enough capital.

The point in making this creative effort that must be considered is opportunity. In the sense of seeing opportunities that are in front of your eyes such as using basic ingredients. Next is market segmentation what this means is that the creative effort will be made for whom which of course must be adjusted for age. In closing today, what kind of home-based business do you want to love?. Please write it in the comments column below and meet again in our next pembahasans.

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